© Charles Bellings

My passion for photography started as a teenager but really began to grow when I received my first reflex camera for my birthday. It was equipped with a 28-80 lens and 75-300 zoom.
Ever since, I have been attracted by the animal world. I often get up at dawn to go to surprise Lady Nature's awakening and her small world of birds.

In 2000, at the time of a trip organized by V. Botta, I fell under the spell of the Serenissima and its carnival. This encounter was a fateful one, because since that day it became vital to revisit it at least once a year, and then impossible for me not to assist with its « Carnevale ». In recent years I have been on the other side of the camera creating my own costumes, though not forgetting my photography!

I hope that you will appreciate my photographic tour, and that it will leave with you a part of the pleasure I experienced during those wonderful moments.

Have a nice visit
Cécile Honhon